We started with the same mission of many other world-leading ozone generator manufacturers: educate people with ozone knowledge and enable more applications of ozone for various industries in the whole world with the most powerful oxidizer and chemical free& environmental friendly disinfectant.


After many years' education of ozone, more and more people have realized the benefits of ozone in water &wastewater treatment, air treatment, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, food storage, etc. But many people still find it expensive and difficult to use. We are here to help:with more than 18 years'  experience in ozone, we will work with you to provide you with the easiest way to use ozone in the most cost-effective way!

You may have seen our product in your country because, for example, our products were integrated into the Tech-Long, NewarmStar bottled water systems. 

To make our ozone products more and more accessible in the international market, we established our international company Becodrive Company Limited to serve the international market. 


We also welcome ozone generator manufacturers to use our key parts of ozone generator components to built their own products. You will find it highly reliable, easy assembly& cost effective. 

Ask us for more, and let's go ozone tomorrow!





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