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PSA oxygen inbuilt ozone generator
  • Product Description

  • IO-OG series ozone generator with inbuilt oxygen concentrator


    The series of product utilize oxygen from the internal oxygen concentrator as gas source, and high concentration ozone is generated by the ozone generation technology. The product has integrated oil-free air compressor, filtering system, and ozone is produced by just powering on it.


    The products use patented ozone cell and power supply design which makes the structure extremely stable, long lifespan and high discharge efficiency.




    l  This series of products use American zeolite molecular sieve adsorbent, separating oxygen from nitrogen in the air using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle, and filter harmful substances in the air , so as to obtain a high concentration oxygen in line with medical oxygen standards. PSA oxygen generating equipment can supply oxygen with purity of 85% ± 5 to meet different requirements; Installation and operating costs far less than cylinder or liquefied oxygen ;

    l  Multi-point malfunction monitoring, main board temperature detection, high voltage transformer temperature detection, cooling water temperature detection, PSA input air temperature detection, backflow water of the corona discharge tube detection. The equipment stops operation and the corresponding fault indicator on the control panel lights up when a fault is detected. 

    l  4 ~ 20mA signal control (10-30g/hr optional, 40-100g/hr standard).

    l  The whole gas circuits work in low pressure which makes it safe and reliable

    l  Air source input with no additive required and lower power consumption which ensures lower total cost;

    l  Two sets of oxygen generation unit work alternately automatically.


    10G/Hr to 30G/Hr ozone generator:Air cooling

    PSA oxygen inbuilt 10-30G.jpg

    40G/Hr to 100G/Hr ozone generator:

    PSA oxygen 40-100g.jpg

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