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Large ozone generator
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    The large series ozone generators utilize automatic control system, HMI control, Chinese-English LCD display, and real-time monitoring of system status and operation parameters. The product is highly reliable and having long service life. 

    The product uses several of our patented technology to ensure the reliability. Many of our customers prefer ours to the world famous brand, as they are simple, easy servicing, minimum maintenance required and reliable.

    The ozone generator uses Germany Scott glass as dielectric, having high accuracy, high breakdown voltage and high dielectric constant, which ensures the ozone generator to be highly reliable, high ozone concentration of 10%wt.

    Main application:

    1. Drinking water treatment

    2. Wastewater treatment

    3. NOx reduction, nitric oxide (NO) reduction and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) reduction.






    High efficiency electrode



    The high efficiency ozone cell is made of three layers, outer layer and inner layer are stainless steel chamber, and the middle layer is the special glass dielectric. The chamber is smooth with high accuracy, good uniformity of discharge with minimum heat generated. All the components are made of ozone resistant material: stainless steel, Teflon and glass.

    Ozone generator power supply

    -          Ozone generator power supply unit utilizes advanced IGBT power supply which converts normal voltage and frequency into specified ones which enables ozone generator to produce ozone in high efficiency.

    -          The ozone generator output is stabilized or adjusted by controlling the dedicated power supply which controls the ozone concentration.

    -          The power supply unit output is connected to the ozone generation chamber and high voltage electrode by specified power cable and high voltage connector.

    -          The safety and reliability of the electric components are ensured by the components’ safe current and voltage. 



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